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The latest Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) assessment predicts lots of doom and gloom for the Irish economy due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Consumption, investment, spending and trade are all predicted to fall sharply, while unemployment soars.

How will this impact IT budgets and what can be done to find new ways to do things cheaper and smarter?  Microsoft licenses are a significant cost in most budgets and here are 3 ideas on how to address that spend:

  1. Sell Surplus licenses
    You as a licensee can sell your surplus software licenses and realize a return on assets you perhaps thought have no value. You may have redundant software licenses for a number of reasons, including:

    • You are now running cloud subscription licenses, but previously owned perpetual. These perpetual licenses, despite commonly held beliefs, are still valid.
    • Restructuring or downsizing your business.
    • Migration to alternative products.
  2. Buy Pre-Owned licenses
    Or you may opt for perpetual licensing or a hybrid approach, in preference to subscription-only, as there are huge cost advantages in many cases. Typically the cost of a pre-owned perpetual license is roughly equivalent to the yearly subscription cost for an equivalent product.  So in effect, you run the product for free after the first year! Pre-owned licenses can be purchased at 50% to 70% less than a new perpetual license and that’s a huge saving.
  3. Use an Independent Microsoft Licensing Specialist
    Microsoft licensing is complex and continuously changing, as Microsoft constantly re-bundles, repackages and renames products, introduces additional options, changes models, pricing, rules etc. An analysis by an experienced Microsoft licensing consultant will likely make a big difference in identifying the smartest way to license the required products and optimise costs.

Forrester Research estimates the potential savings at 50% : “Savvy European Software Buyers Can Save Up To 50% By Buying And Selling Used Software” If interested in discussing, please get in touch