Pre-Owned Software Licences

We offer fully compliant pre-owned licences across a wide range of Microsoft’s products. Licences include all necessary documentation to prove legal ownership in the event of a SAM (Software Asset Management) audit.


Make significant savings on essential Microsoft applications your employees need like Office, Project & Visio.

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Choose from Microsoft’s full range of server licences including Windows Servers, SQL Server and many more!

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Operating Systems

We make it safe and straightforward to purchase all the Microsoft Windows operating systems your organisation requires.

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Client Access Licenses

We offer a wide choice of pre-owned CAL licences, such as Microsoft Core CAL Suites and Microsoft’s Enterprise CAL Suites, for the essential capabilities your users need.

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Visual Studio

Make great savings on Visual Studio licenses when you purchase pre-owned licenses from Software Recycling.

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License you’re looking for not listed?

Let us know if we don’t have the license or version of the license you’re looking for listed. Fill in our Enquiry form and get in touch with us today.